George Bush doesn’t care about coal miners.


From Dailykos:

Mine safety hack is out, and then he’s right back in

Just when you thought George Bush had exhausted every conceivable trick to thwart the will of Congress, he invents another novelty stunt. In this case Bush re-installed his controversial head of mine safety only three days after the man’s recess appointment had lapsed – forcing him to give up the office he’d clung to for more than a year. This episode perfectly encapsulates the President’s passion for putting industry insiders in charge of regulatory agencies. What an absurd tale this is.

In September 2005 Bush nominated Richard Stickler, a former executive at Beth Energy, to head up the Mine Safety and Health Administration. The company had had a reasonably lousy safety record under Stickler. His nomination, opposed by the United Mine Workers and AFL-CIO, went nowhere.

In 2006 the Senate decided it couldn’t tolerate an industry hack in that job and rejected Stickler’s nomination once, and then a second time when Bush re-nominated him. So taking the low road, as you might expect, in October 2006 Bush installed Stickler as head of MSHA by means of a recess appointment.

In November 2006 and again in January 2007 Bush re-nominated Stickler for the permanent position, but to no avail.

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2 Responses to “George Bush doesn’t care about coal miners.”

  1. Sounds like liberals love this guy. That is reason enough for me to oppose him.

  2. onebigunion Says:

    Say what?

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